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lost, and it is commonly mistaken as a "new" Norwegian in contrast to the "real" Norwegian Bokmål. The oldest are carved on loose objects, while later ones are chiseled in runestones. Of 4,549 state publications in 2000 8 were in Nynorsk, and 92 in Bokmål. Citation needed Two other written forms without official status also exist, one, called Riksmål national language is today to a large extent the same language as Bokmål though somewhat closer to the Danish language.

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Phonology edit Main article: Norwegian phonology While the sound systems of Norwegian and Swedish are similar, considerable variation exists among the dialects. The board's work has been subject to considerable controversy throughout the years. Viking colonies also existed in parts of the British Isles, France ( Normandy and Kievan Rus. The unofficial form known as Riksmål is considered more conservative than Bokmål and is far closer to Danish while the unofficial Høgnorsk is more conservative than Nynorsk and is far closer to Faroese, Icelandic and Old Norse. 6 Dano-Norwegian edit In the late Middle Ages, dialects began to develop in Scandinavia because the population was rural and little travel occurred. It is regulated by the unofficial Norwegian Academy, which translates the name as "Standard Norwegian". It is little used elsewhere, but 3040 years ago, it also had strongholds in many rural parts of Trøndelag (mid-Norway) and the southern part of northern Norway ( Nordland county).

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stavanger girls sex leketøy oslo Adjective forms, examples grønn / grøn (green pen (pretty stjålet/stolen (stolen) Definite Indefinite Affirmative Comparative Superlative Affirmative Comparative Superlative Masculine Feminine Neuter Plural Bokmål grønne grønnere grønneste grønn grønt grønne grønnere grønnest pene penere peneste pen pent åpne penere penest stjålne - - stjålet/stjålen stjålet. Pronouns are a closed class. In Bokmål, there are only two different conjugations for the preterite tense for the strong verbs, while stavanger girls sex leketøy oslo Nynorsk has different conjugations for all tenses, like Swedish and a majority of Norwegian dialects. There are however many verbs that do not have this direct translation to English verbs. Nynorsk and Bokmål provide standards for how to write Norwegian, but not for how to speak the language. Like English, pronouns in Bokmål and Nynorsk are the only class that has case declension. stavanger girls sex leketøy oslo

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    Like most of the languages in. Norwegian language descends from the Proto-Indo-European. As early Indo-Europeans spread across Europe.

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